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Make your writing clear and bold. Reduce the complexity of your words. Stop using jargons and those non-sense phrases and begin writing your story with Shosho.

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Keep It Simple

Shosho will highlight adverbs, passive voice, complex words, jargons and dull phrases to make room for your sentence to breathe and shine.


Find The Perfect Word

A built-in thesaurus is only a double click away. No more non-sense in your writing and missing words.


Readability & Writing Grade

Shosho’s grading system will help you write better for your target audience. We did not test it on puppies yet.


Folder Management

Whether you are writing the next Game of Thrones, you are a blogger or casual writer, you can do it with Shosho.


Clean & Focused

When was the last time you had so much focus over your writing? I mean, really? All you have to do now is write.

How much for such
a lovely product?


How much for such a lovely product?



What else can you do with $5?

Buy a coffee from Starbucks.

Buy a notebook and a pencil for writing.

Hug someone’s puppy for 10 minutes.

Buy a “How Write Well” book on Ebay.

Aren’t those $5/mon a steal yet?

For best experience use Shosho on laptop or PC.

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